Franchise Awards

1851 Magazine's mantra is simple don't write anything we wouldn't read ourselves.Whether you are in business, want to start a business or have an appetite for business news 1851 is your digital destination. In 1851, the Singer Sewing Machine Company made a giant step evolving a tested business into a franchise company to maximize its growth potential. What Singer pioneered more than 150 years ago now happens every day by entrepreneurs and businesses alike. 1851 is here to help you on your journey.As a leading small business and franchise magazine, we pull stories from real-life experiences and lean on our vast knowledge of business inner-workings to bring you stories both relevant and meaningful. Our robust staff of writers and contributors is comprised of industry professionals with one goal in mind: to increase our readers scope of consciousness with inspiring success stories, breaking business news and ahead-the-curve trends. By challenging our readers to think smarter about themselves and the world of business, we aim to fuel passionate discussion on every article we publish.