A Kitchen With a Million Memories: Why Blogger Amanda S. Gluck Is Most Grateful for Her Kitchen

To some, a kitchen is where one simply cooks. But for Amanda S. Gluck, it’s a space to catch up with her three kids and give thanks for the life she’s fortunate to live.

Thanksgiving is slowly but surely coming up on the calendar, which means it’s time to start gathering all of the scrumptious stuffing, mashed potato (or sweet, if you’re like this writer) and green bean casserole recipes you have stored in your various Pinterest boards. If you’re hosting Thanksgiving, chances are a good amount of your day will be spent in the kitchen––unless you’re in the small percentage that preps everything the day before.

Some hosts might dread spending all day in the kitchen, even if it’s not Thanksgiving, but Amanda S. Gluck, the blogger and content creator behind Fashionable Hostess, has no complaints when it comes to hanging out in the kitchen. After all, it is her favorite space in her house.
Whether it’s cooking extravagant breakfasts for her three kids or chit-chatting with her husband around her kitchen island, Gluck is thankful to have a room in her house to spend quality time with the ones she loves most.
“I make a gourmet breakfast each morning, which was a tradition that my mom passed down to me,” said Gluck. “I make my kids stacks of pancakes, egg and bacon sandwiches with cheese and a fruit board. On Sunday evenings when we’re eating dinner, we’ll talk about our favorite part of the week and what we can do better next week. It’s a nice space in our home to have family time.”
If there was one word to describe Gluck’s kitchen, it’s cozy. The crisp white cabinetry and walls, bright hardware and built-in breakfast nook make her kitchen an inviting space for company. Her three pendant lights from Restoration Hardware that dangle above her island are an eye-catching feature to anyone who steps foot into Gluck’s kitchen, but her favorite furniture items are her tan counter stools from Serena & Lily, Inc.
“We have four counter stools and the tan color makes them perfect for any season,” said Gluck. “They also come with a cushion that’s stain-resistant, which is perfect since my kids are constantly eating on them. These stools are super nice and chic.”
Since kitchen countertops are typically used for, well, cooking, there aren’t many options when it comes to playing with form and not sacrificing function. One of Gluck’s most recent renovation projects was building shelves in one of her kitchen walls where she can store decor accessories and her favorite cookbooks.
My shelf-wall is the perfect decorative element in my kitchen,” said Gluck. “It’s perfect for my cookbooks, family photos and other accessories.”
Gluck is currently obsessed with everything and anything copper, pumpkin-color and wicker. Through different decor pieces, she’s able to incorporate those warm colors and textures into her kitchen.
“My No. 1 tip to anyone who wants to give their space an updated look is to use decorative elements,” said Gluck. “You don’t need to redo your whole space to make it work for a particular season. My backsplash in my kitchen is very plain, but I add decor pieces to take away from the background and I update those accessories every season.”
According to Gluck, her kitchen is an ever-evolving project. From building in shelves to updating appliances with clean stainless steel, the blogger has ample future project plans for her kitchen, including replacing her dark countertops with white marble with gray veining.
One thing Gluck won’t change is the ample amount of lighting her kitchen gets in the mornings and afternoons. Rather than hang up curtains or tapestries to hide the natural light, Gluck welcomes the sunshine.
“I love natural light, so I don’t hang curtains or anything that would obstruct that,” said Gluck. “We had a lot of windows when we first moved in and I think the natural light adds to the overall cozy feeling of the kitchen.”
Apart from the kitchen’s welcoming aesthetic, Gluck says it’s the people who fill her kitchen that make it one of her favorite rooms in her traditional-styled home.

“I’m so grateful for my family and what better way to celebrate than with a really good meal in the kitchen,” said Gluck. “My family definitely celebrates time with food––and lots of it. I love spending time in my kitchen with the people I love most.”