The Heliodome in France is the Kind of Unconventional Home We Can Get Behind

This so-called “passive solar house” is the stuff of green dreams.

The French countryside may rightfully conjure images of huge fields filled with sunflowers, lavender and charming stone cottages, but one house brings an unexpected science fiction-type feel to the neighborhood.

This home, known as the Heliodome and described as a “passive solar house” by Construction21, may not be the owner’s neighbors’ proverbial cup of tea due to its very, very different appearance, but wow does it look cool.
Located in the commune of Cosswiller in northeastern France, the Heliodome is the brainchild of Eric Wasser, a successful cabinet maker who wanted to create an environmentally-friendly dwelling for himself. And boy, did he succeed!
The sundial-shaped home uses power from the sun to help regulate the structure’s internal temperature, according to an Atlas Obscura report. Design-wise, the house is as bold as it is interesting, standing at a daring angle that refuses to be ignored. The house frame stands on a concrete base and solar panels support the hot water system, according to a 2017 Sia magazine report.
Sounds awesome and forward-thinking! That said, the Heliodome isn’t exactly a beloved structure in the neighborhood. Judging by this Facebook photo, it looks as if the Heliodome is unconcernedly located close to its more traditional-looking counterparts.
This proximity has not gone unnoticed.
“Despite the benefits of the Heliodome, many have complained about its appearance, hoping that the eco-home of the future looks a little less like a spacecraft and more like a French cottage,” the Atlas Obscura report states.
Regardless of what one thinks about the exterior, there’s no denying this home is the stuff of environmentally-friendly fantasies. There are limited photos of the interior—gosh darn those gifted, creative people and their need for privacy!—but what can be seen gives the impression that the dweller is in favor of a more minimalist, even stark, style. There is plenty of wood throughout, though, which keeps everything earthy-looking. And besides, when you live in the French countryside, chances are you’re able to enjoy long walks when the weather is nice while surveying the kind of scenery many of us only see in screensavers. No need to stay cooped up indoors all the time.
Still, here at ESTATENVY, we hope there is a very squishy couch somewhere inside of the structure, complete with a warm, fuzzy blanket, that is perfectly situated for reading and/or enjoying a glass of wine.
It also appears as if the house, or at least the property, is open to visitors, judging by several Facebook posts from earlier this year. More power to the folks who can make it there! Facebook photos also show a hedge lining one side of the property and plenty of garden space, as well as long benches dotting the perimeter.
Heliodome fans and critics alike have made some very pointed observations.
"Excellent,” wrote one Reddit user. “Alert Emperor Palpatine that his summer retreat is nearing completion."
Another Reddit user wrote “Looks like the inside of Dr. Evil's lair.”
“Looks cool, would never want to live there,” wrote another Reddit commentator.
Here at ESTATENVY, we’d be 100% willing to give this home a try. Or at least enjoy it for a long weekend. A visually-interesting, environmentally-friendly home of a unique design located in the beautiful French countryside? C’est magnifique!