How To Make Your Dream Pinterest Board a Reality With Lifestyle Blogger Jami Alix Singer

The home you’ve been fantasizing about for years is just an app away.

Whether you’re seeking outfit inspiration, meal prep ideas or at-home exercises, Pinterest is the hub of it all. Pinterest has become the go-to social media app for dreamers, crafters and creatives, where one will scroll sends the user along a never-ending page of inspiration. According to a 2019 study, 43% of Pinterest’s female users research home decor ideas on the app. And blogger Jami Alix Singer is one of many who uses Pinterest on a daily basis to tap into a creative mindset.

“I use Pinterest all the time,” said Singer. “I’m alway curating different boards on my Pinterest account, especially before shoots so that I can stay updated with current trends. It’s been a huge lifesaver when decorating my apartment.”

Singer has 26 Pinterest boards that are organized by category, including curations like: “interior design,” “travel,” “street style,” “accessories,” and more. The blogger’s 86.4k followers are able to keep up with and pull inspiration from the latest fashion trends Singer’s been rocking and the current color scheme she’s currently obsessing over all through her Pinterest boards aplenty.

Have you been dreaming of turning your bedroom into a cozy escape room with a DIY drape canopy or building a DIY movie theatre for the whole family to enjoy on a cool, crisp night? There’s no better time to give your space a cozy makeover than now since we’re in the midst of fall. Here are some tips to help bring your Pinterest board to life.

When in doubt, DIY it

The amount of DIY projects on Pinterest is infinite. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artsy person, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and channel your inner artist. If you’re home encompasses a more cottage-chic vibe, these rustic home decor ideas will be right up your alley. Looking for some organizational hacks for your bathroom? Pinterest has got you covered.

Singer believes there are “so many ways” to make your Pinterest board become a reality. “You can literally search for DIY projects on a budget and create a whole board surrounding that,” said Singer. “I’ve seen some pretty incredible results, especially if you type in ‘IKEA hacks.’”

Out of the millions of DIY projects on Pinterest, Singer’s favorite is turning her old candleholders into flower vases. Who would’ve thought?

What to search

Instead of searching “home decor ideas,” and having Pinterest spit a million results at you, tailor your search to a specific room, style, color or decor item. For Singer, she’s been loving the Scandinavian style and has been covering her home in neutrals.

“I’m constantly looking at modern Scandinavian decor boards to draw inspiration from,” said Singer. “I’m obsessed with a clean, minimal look and surrounding my home in neutral colors.”

Minimalism is a hot home style at the moment and is perfect if you’re someone who wants a clean-feeling space. These photos of minimalist bedrooms will have you running to your local Home Depot to stock up on plants and your nearest Home Goods to buy some simple tabletop trinkets.

Embellishing on a budget

There’s no reason to spend the big bucks on a piece of furniture when you could get an almost identical option for much less. If you have the funds to spend or you’re looking to treat yourself, by all means, get that chic office desk you’ve been dreaming of ever since spotting it on Pinterest. But for the more budget-focused decor enthusiast, you can still create your Pinterest-inspired room for a price that won’t make your wallet cry.

Singer is all about finding ways to make her place look more lavish, and she does so by using Havenly, an interior design website that literally makes people’s Pinterest boards come to life with the help of Havenly’s design experts.

“You choose who you’d like to work with based on the designer’s profile and past work, and then you send them all of your Pinterest boards of inspiration and the dimensions of the room you’d like to remake,” said Singer. “They put it together for you so you’re able to see how it looks before you purchase products. The best part is, you get to keep a strict budget in mind with your designer so you’re not overspending. It’s the best thing I ever did.”

Thanks to Pinterest, transforming your home into your dream home has never been so easy thanks to Pinterest. Whenever you need a little creative motivation and inspiration, click that red circle on your phone and just keep scrolling.