Seasonal Ideas to Keep Your Decor up to Date

Forget what you think you know about seasonal decorations. The real secret to keeping your home looking up-to-date and on-season comes down to simplicity.

When spring arrives with its bright sunshine and vibrant colors, do you find yourself regretting the decorating decisions you made last fall or winter? It’s natural to incorporate the season into your home decor, and the best way to do that is with design touches that can change as easily – and quickly – as the seasons themselves.

While you may love the bright reds and greens of the holiday season or the lush lilacs and blues of spring and summer, making them the foundation of a room’s design can leave the decor feeling out-of-step when the seasons change. By starting out with a foundation of neutral colors in walls, flooring and furnishings, you can easily add simple, colorful and seasonally appropriate accents that are both tasteful and on-season.

We decided to turn to the experts over at Homepolish to hear their tips on how seasonal decorating can work well into the winter months and beyond.

1. Add Seasonal Elements

This is the easiest way to show your love of the season in your home. A bowl full of shells, a lantern filled with pumpkins, or even a nest on top of a footed cake plate are all refined details that help set the mood for the season. Nothing is prettier than a little bit of the season mixed with what you already have. The key is to be tasteful and edited. A little bit goes a long, long way.

2. Add Seasonal Color

Homepolish has an easy tip for adding seasonal hints into your home, though it might not be as obvious as adding seasonal elements: add colors that represent a season. A winter white throw when the weather is frosty, a robin egg blue bowl on your kitchen counter when spring is blooming or a red white and blue table runner when the fireflies are lighting up summer evenings can add a lot more flavor than you think.

3. Bring the Outside In

Each season has its own distinct beauty. Organic elements are a charming way to extend the outdoors to the inside. Again, think of a sweet nest or forcing branches in spring, a bowl of pinecones during the winter or a big bouquet of hydrangeas from your yard in the summer.

4. Use Seasonal Pillows

Nestling seasonal pillows into your decor gives your furniture a continuing new and fresh look. Consider buying pillow covers in seasonal colors and motifs and change them out using the same down pillow forms as the season changes. It’s economical and space saving.

It's best to only add one or two per room. In the case of seasonal pillows, less is best.

5. Add Seasonal Wreaths to Your Door

Start a nod to the season at your front door. Nothing says “welcome” better than a beautiful, seasonal wreath to greet your guests. Not only are they easy to make, but they can put a fresh face on your door all year long.

Think about something abundant and full for autumn, mossy and twiggy for spring and, of course, a big evergreen wreath at Christmas.

6. Don’t Overdo It

This might be the most important tip of all. Gone are the days of seasonal tchotchkes strewn in every room of the house. Now is the time to think carefully and thoughtfully about choosing seasonal items that will fit with the decor in your home. If you have to put away boxes of decor at the end of the season (except maybe Christmas) there’s a good chance you are doing too much.

It’s OK to give yourself a break and let go of seasonal decor that is tired or dated or worn. Go with bigger and nicer items and less of them. One big, beautiful jar of good faux spring blooms works so much better than lots of small, out-of-style, superfluous spring knick-knacks.