Decorating Based On Your Myers-Briggs: Thinking vs. Feeling

How to make your home more like home for you thinkers and feelers!

Are you a thinker or feeler? While you may think you know the answer to this question, do you really? The Myers-Briggs personality test may just know you better than you know yourself.

According to The Myers & Briggs Foundation, the goal of the questionnaire is to determine the psychological preferences of a person and learn how to apply those preferences to everyday life. The results are divided into four divisions: extraversion vs. introversion, thinking vs. feeling, sensing vs. intuition and judging vs. perceiving.

After completing the exam and reviewing your results, you’ll gain a whole new perspective on your daily habits. Your personality type can help you understand why you do certain things in a specific way, such as decorating your home!

Your Myers-Briggs results can inspire you to redecorate or organize your space to better fit your personality. A new room layout and a few decor additions here and there could potentially make a positive difference in your life.

Decorating is all about making creative design decisions, which falls into the category of thinking vs. feeling. So, how does being a thinker or feeler affect the way you decorate your home? From how one displays items on their living room mantel to what furniture pieces they place in the bedroom, a thinker can decorate quite differently than a feeler.

Decorating for the thinking

If you’re a thinker, you like to make decisions based on facts. You’re objective and tend to use your head rather than follow your heart. According to Personality Max, thinkers “value truth over tact and can easily identify flaws.”

Organization is key! Clean up the clutter covering your kitchen island and replace it with a simple succulent or citrusy candle. If flowers are in season, stop by your local farmer’s market to pick up a beautiful bouquet!

Who doesn’t love a monochromatic moment? Building a room inspired by a single color and adding in different shades of said hue will instantly add a sense of cohesiveness.

Take advantage of your problem-solving skills and quickly transform a space by moving different pieces around the room. Take the floor lamp by your sofa and move it by your reading chair to give the room a different feel and give you more light. Ta-da!

Thinkers tend to enjoy pointing out flaws, so let’s cover those up! Get inspiration from this piece on The Spruce when brainstorming ways to cover up pesky skid-marks on the floor, camouflage high ceilings and hide leftover nail marks on walls.

Decorating for the feeling

If the Myers-Briggs test concludes you’re more of a feeling person, then you tend to follow your heart instead of your head. You’re a people-pleaser and “value harmony and empathy,” according to Personality Max. Decisions are made based on your principles and values.

Make your family room sofa more inviting and playful with some fashionable throw pillows with wild prints and fuzzy textures.

You know what they say—“a picture is worth a thousand words”—so feel free to display them on your coffee or nightside table in a unique metallic frame.

Because of your need to please people, Apartment Therapy says to “create a place you can share with others.” When you’re hosting the next ladies night or family get-together, decorate your coffee table or island with an array of patterned platters displaying your favorite cheese, crackers and meats. Who says you can’t accessorize your space with food?

If you tap into your feeling side more than your thinking side, let your inner artist shine through! Cover your walls with crazy canvases, wallpaper or hanging plants.

With these decorating tips and tricks, you thinkers and feelers will be able to thrive in your humble abode!