Let Your Imagination Soar: Five Incredible Treehouses Sure To Inspire

With designs ranging from a giant bird’s nest to an extraterrestrial lookout dome, these treehouses sit perched at the intersection of whimsy and wanderlust.

Even as adults, we can’t help but find a sense of relaxation and imagination when among the trees. In addition to myriad health benefits like easing depression and improving air quality, trees also evoke stories from childhood and invite us to think creatively about our lives.

If you’ve been feeling stirrings of wanderlust lately but aren’t sure where to go, a treehouse may be just the ticket. Below, ESTATENVY lists five incredible treehouses from around the world that will have your imagination soaring to new heights.

TreeHouse Point - Washington, U.S.

Located in Fall City about 30 minutes from Seattle, in a beautiful forest along the Raging River, TreeHouse Point’s Temple of the Blue Moon rests unassumingly among the trees. The “face” of TreeHouse Point, Temple of the Blue Moon is one of six whimsical treehouses nestled in the Pacific Northwest escape and available for vacations, weddings, seminars and other events.

With two large windows, a classic A-frame profile and a rounded balcony to the side, Temple of the Blue Moon looks like a childhood drawing come to life. A natural wood exterior and a hanging bridge in front lend the final enchanted touch.

Treehotel - Sweden

Ever heard of a “landscape hotel”? Neither had we, but as soon as you look at Sweden’s Treehotel offerings, you understand.

Billed as the place “where nature and imagination run wild,” Treehotel offers guests the chance to stay in one of seven futuristic treehouses that bring the fantastical to life. Take The Bird’s Nest, for example: The installation takes its name honestly, as the exterior resembles one spiky, giant bird nest. Anachronistically, the interior boasts a refreshingly minimalistic feel, with ashy wood planks and submarine windows.

Or perhaps you really want to “disappear” from life for a while, in true getaway fashion? Book The Mirrorcube, “an exciting hide-out among the trees, camouflaged by mirrored walls that reflect their surroundings,” according to Treehotel’s official site. Six sprawling windows on each side of the cube provide a panoramic few, and a 40-foot bridge leads up to the entrance.

Nothofagus Hotel & Spa - Huilo Huilo Rain Forest, Chile

For a more tropical escape, look no further than the 115-foot-tall Nothofagus Hotel & Spa in Chile’s Huilo Huilo Rainforest. The concentric, circular treehouse features four floors of accommodations, with a thriving central tree that runs from the lobby to the roof.

The tiered exterior and undulating borderwork recalls the fluid designs of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, who for his part felt that “nothing is art that does not come from nature.” Inside, rooms feature wide windows overlooking the rainforest canopy, plus a mix of warmly hued wood. Whimsical details like spindly branches for staircase banisters keep the dream of an enchanted forest visit alive.

4TREEHOUSE - Lake Muskoka, Ontario, Canada

With a glowing cubic structure and floor-to-ceiling slats, 4TREEHOUSE near Lake Muskoka in Ontario looks like a Japanese lantern that naturally grew out of a towering fir tree.

The arboreal abode was designed by Toronto-based architect Lukasz Kos and designed to minimize the impact on the surrounding trees. The two-ton lattice-frame structure features three levels of varying transparency for different viewing experiences of the majestic surrounding forest. The home is suspended 20 feet above the forest floor with steel cables, and visitors enter the structure through a winding spiral staircase.

Beach Rock Tree House - Okinawa, Japan

Given just how imaginative the treetops can make us feel, it’s no surprise that Japanese architect Kobayashi Takashi first envisioned Beach Rock Tree House as a creative hub from which to communicate with extraterrestrials.

Perched in the treetops of Okinawa and described as a “plexiglass portal to the universe,” Beach Rock Treehouse certainly looks the part. The mirrored plexiglass frame means that visitors enjoy a panoramic view of the verdant hills and the reflected forestry changes the colors and atmosphere of the interior as the exterior itself evolves throughout the day.

The domed treehouse is accessible through ladder, with several lookout balconies scattered at different levels of the yawning tree that Beach Rock calls home. Multiple push-out windows allow guests to catch a breeze or drink in an unobstructed view of the stars. Who knows; with a locale this magical, they might just make contact.