Legendary LA Megamansion ‘The Manor’ Has Its Own Private Motor Court and Resort-Style Pool Deck

The $175 million mansion boasts truly unparalleled entertainment options.

Few mansions have as rich a history as Holmby Hills’ “The Manor,” the largest home in Los Angeles County. The current owner, British motorsport heiress Petra Ecclestone, purchased the 85,000-foot estate back in 2011 for $85 million.

After a few years, it appears the legendary home, originally built for Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling, is back on the market. Listed in 2016 for $200 million, the lavish, French château-style house has since been knocked down to the equally mind-blowing price of $160 million just this past month.

While the estate was controversial back in 1990 due to its excessive size, it has since become famous for being just that. The Manor is not only larger than any other home in Los Angeles, it is also more expensive—well over 20 times the average price of an American home. Even for a mansion, that is next level.

Of course, The Manor has changed drastically throughout the years, especially after being acquired by Eccelstone. The young millionaire, daughter of Formula One billionaire Bernie Ecclestone, reportedly spent over $20 million on renovations. According to stories, the renovations took over nine weeks and included over 500 employees working on both the interior and the exterior to make sure the megamansion rivaled even the most modern homes.

While many experts say the record-breaking price is unreasonable, the previously-named “Spelling Manor” is certainly not short of impressive features. Here are some of the jaw-dropping amenities!

The Party Deck

Before walking through the front door, it’s easy to see why this five-acre property features such an impressive price tag. A resort-quality pool deck where guests can lounge or take a dip is featured amid a private spa and sauna for even further relaxation.

Motor Court

A breath-taking round-a-bout in the front of the house features an area fit for 100 cars or more, making sure no event is too big or extravagant. The home’s unbelievable fountain sits in the middle of the motor court, lighting up the entranceway for all A-list parties.


In case the front of the building wasn’t enough, the historic property houses a full-size “sportscourt” in the back, where guests can play tennis on a championship-size court or basketball underneath stadium-level lighting.

The backyard also features a private rose garden, koi pond and second (!) non-koi pond. The stunning formal gardens come complete with architect-designed decorative moldings and unbeatable landscaped pathways for morning strolls.

Bowling Alley

One of Eccelstone’s main additions was the epic, two-lane bowling alley for those unsatisfied with the “sportscourt” options.

Entertainment Level

As if there wasn’t enough for guests to do, Eccelstone converted The Manor’s massive basement into an entire entertainment floor. Here, guests can find a world-class gym, a wine cellar, a tasting room, a beauty salon, solarium (fancy name for tanning salon) and even a nightclub. That’s right, something every good party needs—a private nightclub!

When you’re feeling a bit too laid-back for the home nightclub, a screening room inside features a cinema-sized theatre with full seating for all those millionaire movie nights.


A full-size wet bar on the back patio? Check. Indoor and outdoor fireplaces? Yup. It is hard to imagine a more ideal setting for those late-summer parties!

Living Area

The current real estate listing boasts an impressive 14 bedrooms, half a dozen of which are guest rooms, and 27 bathrooms. Think sparkling white marble staircases marked down the middle with black paint and 30-foot vaulted ceilings for the main foyer.

Ecclestone opted to change the old Dynasty-like style into a more modern VIP-lounge-look during her renovations, replacing Aaron Spelling’s quirky original choices such as the flower-cutting room, barber shop and doll collection for all of the aforementioned contemporary luxuries.

There are only a few homes that hold a candle to The Manor’s epic list of features, rich history and record-breaking price tag—we mean, if those are things you’re into.