These Homes Take Outdoor Entertainment to a Whole New Level

Guests must feel quite at home in these gorgeous outdoor spaces.

We’re all for indoor coziness here at ESTATENVY—we are, after all, based in the freezing hub that is Chicago, Illinois—but even we can appreciate the beauty of having luxurious outdoor spaces in which to entertain friends and family.

On that note, we are totally feeling the good vibes from some of the outdoor features of the following homes. From luxurious swimming pools to cozy fireplaces to elaborate seating areas, there are clearly many, many ways in which homeowners can invest in their outdoor spaces for maximum enjoyment.

A particularly pleasant surprise is the former Montecito, California home of actor Jeff Bridges, which he sold in 2017 for $16 million, according to a May 2017 Curbed report. A video of the property shows a gorgeous outdoor seating area with a fireplace, an outdoor swimming pool with more greenery surrounding it than anything else (see: a seeming lack of concrete), plus the types of panoramic views of nature that make one want to take up oil painting. Yes, we can easily make ourselves at home here.

For a truly extravagant outdoor experience, just check out one of singer Celine Dion’s former homes, a crazy-gorgeous mansion located on Florida’s Jupiter Island. Per a June 2017 Curbed article, not only is the property within skipping distance of the ocean, but it also features a giant swimming pool, plus what appears to be a separate lazy river. The children surely loved it.

An October 2018 Robb Report post featured the recently-completed luxury home Residence 950, located in San Francisco’s swanky Russian Hill neighborhood that was selling for $45 million at the time. Equipped with gems such as an outdoor eating area complete with fireplace, plus an outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views of San Francisco, this is clearly a place in which to entertain. There’s even a lovely garden area for those who crave more greenery in the midst of urban sprawl.

Reality television enthusiasts will likely recognize the Kardashian households. A July 2017 Architectural Digest report featured the homes of sisters Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian, which have some pretty elaborate outdoor seating areas. This makes perfect sense considering the size of their family. You need places for folks to sit. But theirs are extra nice, thanks to some very large and plush-looking furniture and greenery, including fruit trees.

An October 2013 Architectural Digest report that featured the former Los Angeles home of football player Tom Brady and model Gisele Bundchen provides plenty of property envy. It’s not just that this stunning house features all kinds of tasteful interior design ideas, it’s that the outdoor areas also have all kinds of elaborate offerings. There are a waterfall AND a pond, a huge, gorgeous pool in a very open area with the Pacific Ocean in view and a lovely cabana area perfect for lounging pre- or post-swim.

There are many ways to spruce up one’s outdoor spaces, and all of these spaces provide plenty of inspiration. It’s always great to be able to enjoy the outdoors, but if you can do it in an extra luxurious fashion, then more power to you!