Make the Great Escape Thanks to This Whimsical 10-Acre Wonder Near Sunny Orlando

This 13-bedroom, waterfront property has everything you need to entertain both the young and young-at-heart.

As the weather warms up, many begin dreaming of beachfront getaways and tropical locales, but the great outdoors aren’t the only place to turn for memorable fun. In today’s world of luxury living, homes boasting fanciful indoor entertainment might just be on the docket for your next Big Getaway.

In fact, the home we have in mind, aptly called The Great Escape, should fit the bill. The 10-acre rental property near Orlando, Florida sleeps “a total of 45 visitors,” according to a write-up on the Huffington Post. Even though, with that many guests, you’ll hardly be wanting for conversation, the house itself promises to keep you entertained. Read on to discover just a few of The Great Escape’s fantastical offerings.

13 Board- and Arcade Game-Themed Bedrooms

We’d be happy to be sent to our room given our choice of The Great Escape’s baker’s dozen. Catch some z’s (and ghosts) in the Pac-Man room, or channel your inner Great Hope Diamond Caper in the laser tag room. The lasers aren’t just for show, either; the room is a timed laser maze that counts down faster every time you touch a beam.

Maybe The Las Vegas suite is more your style? Exude high-roller ‘tude with ease thanks to “two authentic slot machines, a full-sized Blackjack table, luxurious round king-sized bed, flat screen TV, and an XBox 360 with gambling video game titles.”

With this much available entertainment, it’s safe to say the house always wins.

A Jumanji-Themed Home Theatre

According to the rental site, the owner of The Great Escape and his family sat down one night for a friendly game of Jumanji and the game came to life, overtaking the home theatre with vines, portraits of the film’s characters and more (this writer would certainly like to know what game magically gifts her luxe leather seating). The theatre is equipped with DVD, Blu-Ray and streaming capabilities, plus “multiple zones for audio indoors and out.”

Larger-Than-Life Games Including the World’s Largest Word Search

Ok, technically, it’s the world’s second largest word search, as the 11-foot tall, 15-foot wide installation was beaten out shortly after receiving its certification from Guinness World Records in 2015. Still, with 2,000-plus words to discover, it’s not hard to find “impressive” in your word bank when it comes to describing the all-ages game.

If you want to get your head literally in the game, try your hand at life-size chess, giant “Operation,” or the 7-foot floor piano inspired by Tom Hanks’ character in “Big.” Oh, or this huge Lite Brite that a certain writer in pre-adolescence would have killed for.

If you miraculously do get board (laughs abound) and venture outdoors, you can take a dip in the pristine pool or channel your inner kid thanks to human bowling.

Game on.