5 Outrageously Fun Bedroom Ideas for Kids in Both Playful and Tasteful Themes

Who says a child’s bedroom has to totally clash with the rest of the house?

Decorating your child’s bedroom may seem like an exercise in futility. After all, kids are destined to be messy, right? They’ll draw all over the walls, never make their beds and just straight-up leave all of their toys scattered about the floor, waiting to be stepped on and tripped over by an unsuspecting adult.

While this may all be true, it doesn’t have to totally be this way!

From fairytale to ocean to superhero themes, here are five different ways to decorate your child’s room that they’ll love—and that won’t make you cringe in terror when you tuck them into bed at night.

Take this fairytale-themed bedroom, for example. Note the lovely curtains, the creative-but-relaxing color scheme and the light hardwood floors. The child-sized furniture and toys may give this space away as a little girl’s room, but the foundation of the decor is not so out-there that she can’t grow into it. It’s beautiful enough that guests, kids and adults alike, will do a double-take when they walk by it. They might even steal some ideas for decorating their own homes.

If you have a kid who is REALLY into that princess theme, though, and you REALLY want to treat her or him, this bedroom straight-up features what appears to be a carriage bed inside of it. (Of course, make sure your child is big enough and a confident enough sleeper to climb those steps!) There’s also a castle entrance embedded into the wall, and everything is pink galore. This is basically the bedroom we all wish we could have. Like, today. As adults.

But back to the kids.

If your child is really into nature, this rainforest-themed bedroom provides some truly beautiful inspiration. If the bedroom in question has enough room for a 3D tree, that’s awesome, but if not, you might consider painting a tree on the wall. The lighting in this particular room also lends to the rainforest-fantasy vibe, and the giant green flower in the center of the room looks like an inviting spot on which to spread out and read a book or color in a coloring book. The sheer curtains keep the room from looking too childlike and the green-and-white color scheme help maintain a calm and relaxing vibe.

Also in line with that whole nature theme is the treehouse bedroom featured in this Gizmodo blog post. From the ladder that leads up to a treehouse bed to the beautiful paint scheme, this is clearly a bedroom that was designed with an imaginative child in mind.

If you’re really going for the outrageous, though, consider this adventure-themed bedroom with its airplane bed for your little munchkin. Walls covered in paintings of maps and clouds are nothing new, but an airplane bed might make bedtime a more seamless process for both of you.

Decorating your kid’s bedroom can go in a variety of directions. There are plenty of fun things to do if you want to splurge, but even if you can’t, there are many themes you can explore without breaking the bank. All it takes is some imagination—and your child’s input!