Fiercely Royal Princess Blue Can Brighten Both Your House and Wardrobe This Spring

This season, a pop of Pantone’s Princess Blue will bring freshness to any room, garden or outfit.

Whether you’re looking to add more vibrancy to your winterized home or seeking a complete makeover, the 2019 Pantone Spring/Summer Colors are enough to enhance your living space. Princess Blue, a brilliant cobalt tone, is exactly the hue to set you in the “bright” direction.

“A majestic royal blue hue [which] glistens and gleams,” according to Pantone’s Color Institute, Princess Blue is one of the most striking selections that was chosen for the NY Fashion Week. Exciting and rich color trends abound, the only blue in the bunch is perfect for both the interior and exterior of your home, as well as for your fashion choices.

Princess Blue upholds the wealth and royalty that is its name. Similar to several other colors for the lineup, there is power in this bold blue. Unlike some of its fellow selections, however, this color shines as a trule springtime hue; it is a crisp, cloudless sky on an April day or a flat, crystalline lake hidden away in the mountains.

The vivaciousness of a cobalt tone makes it ideal as an accent wall. With such power, consider pairing it with light neutrals to keep the space bright. According to Paint By Conran in an article from Red, try pairing an earthy or pale shade with a bold, vivid hue; the result is a statement look perfect for a mixed media atmosphere that is both urban and traditional.

White trim and lighter wood stains are stark against this royal authority. Architectural Digest featured Harry Nuriev’s Brooklyn apartment, in which Princess Blue is a cornerstone to the color scheme played against bare white walls and minimalist design. In his impressively neutral and demur apartment, the bright blue steel chairs and table legs, plastic sofa and throw pillow on a rose-colored side-chair are exactly the kind of bold pop needed to classify your style as contemporary.

Whether for home design or fashion, ChinaDaily warns of the strength this blue holds. It claims, “Despite its romantic name, the shade doesn't have any special advantage if it is inappropriately paired with other hues. Considering its brightness, the color looks best as a solid.” In an effort to avoid mishaps, be sure to change an entire room’s color scheme to reflect this, or at the very least, pair it with neutral tones that won’t take away from the vibrancy of Princess Blue. This color is perfect for complete bold washes and bringing together any room that needs a springtime pick-me-up.

Even your home’s exterior could use a refresh occasionally. A cobalt-colored entryway door or planter pots with a lively floral selection on the porch are fantastically inviting to guests. The color itself is a strong statement that screams it’s ready for warm weather and plenty of sunshine. Be aware, though, that blues, reds and yellows are naturally more prone to fading, according to Performance Painting. To maintain the integrity of your Princess Blue outdoor features, and ensure such a vibrant color doesn’t fade with so much sunlight, choose high-quality fade-resistant paints.

The hype of such an exciting blue isn’t lost on the fashion world, either. Who What Wear remarked, “While all types of blues reigned supreme on the runways, from pastels to navy, it was the dynamic shade of starry eyed-blue that really grabbed our attention this season. Wear the effervescent shade with crisp white boots or a contrasting (also very popular) orange hue.” Turmeric, a fellow 2019 Pantone Color selection, can pair well with Princess Blue for a vigorous power display in any outfit you want to make a statement with.

But if your desire is to stand out less, wearing bright blue alone is a trendy, graceful power statement that will attract just enough attention. Women’s Wear Daily noted that Kate Middleton, the ever-fashionable Duchess of Cambridge, is an influential style-setter. However, her new peasant-turned-princess sister-in-law, Meghan Markle, is indirectly linked to this royal blue.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, Pantone’s Color Institute executive director, Leatrice Eiseman, stated, “Always a winner, there’s not much you can do with that royal blue tone that people don’t love. When we look at the world around us, Meghan is getting a lot of attention, as the royals have been for the past few years. Everybody is going to be looking at what she’s wearing.”

It’s truly a royal color. Plenty of formal attire is suited perfectly to sport this authoritative and outstanding hue. From evening dresses ideal for fancy cocktail parties to a jumpsuit perfect for a picnic, Princess Blue isn’t just for feminine fashion; men can sport this elegant blue for any event, whether in a suit for a business meeting or a sweater ideal for a more laid back family event.

Unlike many of its more wintry-toned companions revealed at the 2019 Pantone NY Fashion Week, the brightness of Princess Blue sings a song of spring and summer. Create even bolder statements with fellow vibrant tones like Turmeric, Living Coral and Aspen Gold, or make it stand out more by pairing it with soft neutrals. Both a power move and a classic tone, this cobalt hue is perfect for bringing vitality back into your home and closet.