Pantone Color Report Lends a Soft Foundation to Your Look and Space with Sweet Corn

Pantone 11-01016, a muted hue that “tempts with its soft and buttery attitude,” will be big in 2019.

Ahead of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion seasons, a coveted palette of trend-driving hues are announced by the Pantone Color Institute. The Pantone colors are projected to be the stars of style and design, featuring prominently in a slew of international fashion shows ushered in by New York Fashion Week. The handpicked hues also dominate style-savvy decorating the world over—so much so that the Pantone Color Institute also releases SMART color swatches to serve as the cotton standard for apparel and textiles.

This spring, Pantone has characterized the style landscape as one of “playful expressionism [that] encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color.” The Pantone colors for 2019 break down into “lively hues” and “neutrals,” and in the former category, no-pomp pastel Sweet Corn lets your look stay soft.

Pantone writes: “Sweet Corn tempts with its soft and buttery attitude.” The hue does indeed remind one of gossamer cornsilk and pairs impressively well with every pick in the 2019 Pantone Color Report: Its neutral-tipping-just-barely-into-warm undertone keeps the feel rounded and dimensional when paired with even the most statement of Pantone’s callout colors, including Pink Peacock and Princess Blue.

Sweet Corn was all over the runway last September at the Bevza Spring 2019 Show, which played with silhouettes and breezy references to the ‘90s. And in the vein of the ‘90s’ love of mixing feminine and fierce, you can also strut your stuff with one of numerous Sweet Corn frocks and cover-ups from the 2019 Brock Collection.

When it comes to design, Sweet Corn is perhaps the easiest 2019 Pantone color to integrate into your space. As a lighter neutral, Sweet Corn shines on walls, floors and tabletops—pretty much anywhere that occupies significant visual weight. Need proof? Check out this Travel Feature on Design Milk: Even if subtly, Sweet Corn makes an appearance in almost every space.

Because the hue plays well across textures and mediums, design can build over time without ever seeming half-conceived. Start with a desk or floating shelf in a Sweet Corn-tinged wood and layer similar hues for inviting dimension. Still need inspiration? Look no further than this project on All Sorts Of, the blog of design maven Amber Lewis (really, the entire blog is an ode to Sweet Corn).

If you would rather start small instead of re-doing an entire room then, again, the word is “dimension.” Layer Sweet Corn-tinted pieces in with creams, grays, taupes and browns in controlled ways, like a wall of mismatched frames and prints, or an Instagram-worthy bookshelf. Or scoop up this Netflix-and-chill-ready throw and stay on-trend (and on-the-couch.)

If the 2019 Pantone Color Report tells us anything, it’s that “an experimental approach to color” is all the rage this year. Grab a SMART swatch and get playful!