Pantone Picks Sweet Lilac as a Color to Watch, and For Good Reason

This versatile color is not just for little girls.

Pinkish purples may not be the first color choice when deciding how to decorate one’s home, but the truth is that there’s more to this versatile color than meets the eye.

Ladies and gentlemen: Meet Sweet Lilac. Or, Pantone 14-2808.

The color was one of the picks of the Pantone Color Institute, which released its Fashion Color Trend Report in September highlighting the top colors shown at New York Fashion Week. These colors will be featured heavily in top designer collections in the spring and summer of 2019.

“An endearing pink infused lavender, Sweet Lilac’s easy and gentle manner quietly charms,” the Pantone report describes this cheerful, springy color.

Sounds… feminine.

Feminine it can be, but this particular shade, when used smartly, can be incorporated in a variety of ways, whether it is to implement a calming effect on a room or for a few smart accent pieces that will generate buzz and interest in your home. Indeed, the same can be said for light purple and pink shades in general.

A 2017 HGTV report listed myriad ways in which to incorporate lilac into the home, stating: “This soft shade of purple adds a calming feel to just about any room. Pair it with off-white, natural wood tones and pops of pink for a playful color scheme.”

The report proceeded to list possibilities such as lilac accent chairs, lilac wallpaper and, if you really want to go bold, lilac kitchen cabinets.

A February 2018 Country Living report pointed to lilac as the color taking over Pinterest and homes that year and suggested rugs, pendant lights and even a Le Creuset lavender collection as different ways to incorporate the color. (And let’s be honest, Le Creuset ANYTHING automatically makes one’s home much, much nicer!)

The Country Living report also had a suggestion on preventing a room from looking too feminine: “Thanks to the serene hue, a bouquet of stripes, checks, and florals makes for a calm, composed bedroom. (Pops of black offset the sweetness.)”

And speaking of Pinterest, here’s a heads up: That website will yield many suggestions for incorporating Pantone 14-2808. It may all seem like an overload at first, but look closely and you’ll find several fun suggestions worth trying.

If you want to go more into a lavender territory, a November 2018 report on The Spruce suggested ways to incorporate that calming color in the bedroom, including lavender ombre walls and lavender accent pieces.

“Warm metal adds some unexpected sophistication to strong lavender walls, while providing the touch of shine every space needs,” The Spruce post stated.

Popular retail outlets sell lilac and lavender products that can easily be incorporated into the home as well. If you’re looking to fulfill a hipster fantasy or two, Urban Outfitters, for example, has some real gems, including a cozy-looking throw blanket, a lounge chair and star-shaped paper lanterns.

So, yes, while Sweet Lilac may make many a person think of a little girl’s space, the truth is that when it comes to this color, it’s far from child’s play.