Pantone Color Report Invites Romance with Its Sumptuous Hue, Eclipse

Pantone 19-3810, “a deep blue redolent of the midnight sky,” will be big in 2019.

Ahead of the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter fashion seasons, a coveted palette of trend-driving hues are announced by the Pantone Color Institute. The Pantone colors are projected to be the stars of style and design, featuring prominently in a slew of international fashion shows ushered in by New York Fashion Week. The handpicked hues also dominate style-savvy decorating the world over—so much so that the Pantone Color Institute also releases SMART color swatches to serve as the cotton standard for apparel and textiles.

This spring, Pantone has characterized the style landscape as one of “playful expressionism [that] encourages an unrestrained and experimental approach to color.” The Pantone colors for 2019 break down into “lively hues” and “neutrals,” and one of the more eye-catching of the latter category is Pantone 19-3810, or, in layman’s terms, Eclipse.

Pantone writes: “A deep blue redolent of the midnight sky, thoughtful Eclipse is both serious and mysterious.” A true companion to the more colloquially known “navy,” Eclipse really, ahem, shines by virtue of its versatility: browns, grays and creams all pair nicely with the rich hue, as do many of Pantone’s livelier 2019 hues like Pepper Stem or Mango Mojito.

Fashion mavens dressing for spring can pick up Eclipse-hued culottes and kimonos from Zero + Maria Cornejo, elegant trousers and avant-garde-meets-edgy dresses from House of Nonie and yesteryear-inspired crop tops and pencil skirts at Cushnie.

And for ideas on how to use Eclipse to bring a mysterious and dramatic flair to your space, look no further than Caroline Donofrio’s vampy overhaul of a neighbor’s apartment on Joanna Goddard’s beloved Cup of Jo blog.

In the event that you don’t have an entire ready-to-paint room (or even wall) on-hand like Donofrio, or if you, like us, will be taking in New York Fashion Week from the front row of your couch, fear not: there are still plenty of ways to introduce Eclipse to your space. The alluringly deep hue brings a just-right dash of mystery to spaces in small doses, like accent pillows, stools or picture frames. For those willing to truly commit to the romance of Eclipse, blackout (!) curtains or loveseats in sumptuous textures like velvet immediately evoke elegance.

Because Eclipse is a darker color, its appearance will circumscribe and root your space rather than open it up, so the trend-right hue works well in larger rooms. That being said, strategic use of breezier neutrals and vivids—such as Pantone’s beachy-bright Living Coral—allow you to cultivate dimension without losing a sense of space. Start precise, like with a statement painting or tapestry in the inky-chic color, and build from there.

If the 2019 Pantone Color Report tells us anything, it’s that “an experimental approach to color” is all the rage this year. Grab a SMART swatch and get playful!