5 Must-Have Outdoor Smart Home Technologies

ESTATENVY breaks down what you need to keep in mind when bringing indoor smart home technology to the outdoors.

The concept of a “smart home” has transformed drastically over the past decade. What was once an idea exclusively seen on the big screen or limited to the extremely wealthy has now become a reality for everyday people. From Amazon’s Alexa to Google Home and more, smart home technologies have become staples that homeowners will soon no longer know how to live without.

As smart home technology continues to evolve, it’s rapidly expanding beyond the limitations of a home’s walls. Now, this type of technology is also available for outdoor living spaces. Ahead of the spring and summer months, ESTATENVY is breaking down the five technologies and trends to know.

1. Simplicity is Key Across the Board

Before investing in smart home technology, keep in mind that it’s essential for your guests—and you—to know how everything works. That’s why simplicity is key no matter what type of technology you’re considering investing in.

“One of the biggest roadblocks standing between smart home technology and people actually using it is simplicity. Homeowners want to bring new devices into their homes, but they need to be confident that they can use it on their own,” said Sanjay Patel, CEO of TiO, in an interview with ESTATENVY.

2. Lighting Accessories

Once you’re confident that you can easily manage outdoor smart home technology, lighting is a great place to start. There’s no shortage of smart light bulbs that can work outside, and there are also portable smart lighting fixtures that can easily move between the indoors and outdoors when needed. However, one of the most important things to consider when purchasing outdoor smart home lighting is protection from the elements—rain, snow and even winds can create a potentially dangerous situation when mixed with electricity.

One solution to this problem is the Twist and Seal, a product was invented to keep outdoor cords dry. Bryan Nooner, the creator of the Twist and Seal, said, “The lights popped during a big family holiday party on a rainy [day] in January 2011, so my wife, Mari-Beth, and I went outside to fix it and Mari-Beth cried out, ‘You fix everything else. Why can’t you fix this?’ So, I skipped the party and headed to the office to figure it out.”

3. Security Enhancements

Another outdoor smart home technology segment that’s climbing in popularity is security. Ring, for example, is a video doorbell that gives you updates on who’s coming up to your door. It also offers lighting solutions. Alarm and security companies like ADT offer a variety of camera and smart security solutions as well that are designed to keep an eye on the home’s outdoor living space.

4. Speaker and Entertainment Technologies

One of the biggest perks that comes with adding smart home technologies to your home’s outdoor space is the ability to entertain. One of the most basic tools needed to do that is a smart speaker like the Amazon Tap. Sonos also offers a line of outdoor speakers that are designed to withstand the elements and connect the indoors with the outdoors.

Outdoor TVs are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in regions where the weather stays consistent between seasons. Outdoor fireplaces like the ones created by EcoSmart also have the potential to elevate a home’s exterior and overall value.

5. Draw Inspiration from Indoors

Lastly, when deciding which smart home technology to bring outdoors, start by considering the tools and gadgets you use the most inside. According to Nooner, that’s where the trends are beginning.

He said, “As a home builder, land developer and consumer products inventor, I have a unique perspective and insight into lifestyle trends around the home. America has been dramatically changing how they use their outdoor space around the home. In fact, you might say that ‘the outside is the new inside. I have observed new home buyers moving the products we typically use indoors to the outdoors at a faster pace than ever.”