Organizational Items That Will Change Your Home's Interior

Space is hard to come by. Make the most of yours.

Everyone appreciates when everything is where it belongs. Everyone also understands that in the chaos of everyday life, everything is often not where it belongs.

Getting your living space organized (and keeping it that way) is a tall task, but the right items can go a long way in making the seemingly impossible feat that much easier. ESTATENVY consulted the experts at residential interior design firm Kadlec Architecture + Design to learn some of the best items to maximize your space and transform your home.

Built-in storage space
“In city residences, maximizing all available square footage is a priority, especially storage space,” said Steve Kadlec, founder and principal of Kadlec Architecture + Design. “We love to create storage space concealed behind wall panels and almost always design millwork to carve out all usable area without compromising the design and functionality of a room.”

And for those not in the midst of a renovation, other inconspicuous means of storage include coffee tables with drawers or even a hinged surface with storage underneath as well as front-opening storage mirrors.

“Furniture that considers storage for the TV remote, AV equipment, or blankets and throws allows the room to be uncluttered so the interior spaces feel composed and refined,” Kadlec added.

Illuminated and pull-down coat rods
The phrase, ‘out of sight, out of mind,’ holds particular significance when it comes to closets. Organizing their interiors can be made easier by shining some additional light in the areas where things tend to build and become unmanageable, Kadlec noted.

“In dressing rooms, we recommend illuminated coat rods for good quality lighting and pull down coat rods to allow double hanging in order to maximize the vertical space of a closet,” he said.

Lockers and cubbies for the kids
Rooms always look more organized when storage spaces have lids or doors that conceal their interiors that, let’s face it, sometimes get pretty messy. This sentiment resonates particularly well with parents, who are constantly chasing around little ones and in need of a simple solution that fits their busy schedules.

“In one of our recent projects, we designed lockers in a bathroom near the indoor pool for guests, a mudroom that is oversized, outfitted with custom millwork,” Kadlec said. “It functions as a catch-all for the entire family, and a craft room with built-ins combining drawers, cubbies, and shelving for perfectly tailored organization based on their exact needs.”

Effectively staying organized, Kadlec concluded, ultimately requires getting down to the exact measurements of your unique space. Consulting experts who can assess your specific situation helps you give yourself the best chance to find a lasting solution to your organizational needs in tricky spaces like closets, the kitchen and laundry storage.

“The architecture and interior furnishings of a home should consider the functional requirements of storage and organization of a space to allow an interior to feel harmonious without compromising functionality,” Kadlec said. “We design a great deal of custom cabinetry for our clients that maximize both space and function. Our job is to integrate these solutions into the interior design so that all elements are seamless.”