How To Incorporate 2019 Interior Design Trends Without Trying Too Hard

You don’t have to betray your tastes to keep your space current.

Whether you consider yourself captain of the trend bandwagon or mostly ignore the buzz, creating a space that feels fresh and welcoming can have a seriously positive effect on your everyday wellbeing. And because trends are cyclical, you can totally consider the new touches an investment.

ESTATENVY caught up with trends analyst Elyse Dierking and interior designer Kate Marker to get the latest word on what’s hot this year—and how you can easily incorporate trends without looking or feeling like you’re trying too hard.

2019 Color Trend: Living Coral
The Pantone Color Institute has been serving up a hot and fresh trend every year since 2000. This year’s Color of the Year is Living Coral, a hue that “embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment.” Huh, that does sound like 2019.

You can slip in pops of Living Coral in big or small ways. “Paint can make the biggest impact and is one of the easiest ways to bring a trend into your home,” said Dierking, adding that you can always change a wall’s color later. Consider a Living Coral accent wall, or paint the whole room if you’re really feeling ‘19.

If you’d rather make a small statement with the color that “embodies our desire for playful expression,” go with Living Coral pillows. Dierking suggested reframing pillows as seasonal items, like clothing. “It’s a great way to keep a trend alive, and especially if it’s just a pillow cover, fold it up and store it,” she said. “You can go with the trends without spending a ton of money.”

2019 Decorating Trend: Don’t Be Shy
Dierking said that Living Coral is indicative of another major trend of 2019—the rejection of white walls and pared down minimalism in favor of vibrancy and life. “We’re seeing more color, more pattern, more openness to eclectic style and more personality,” she said.

Give your space a jolt of what-makes-you-you by mixing bold colors and lush textures in big or small ways—from rugs to curtains to pillows to knick-knacks. “It can be in little pieces and in the styling, but it can also be about how you layer it all to work together,” said Dierking. “This is a time to explore how to mix patterns cohesively without looking chaotic.”

If you love raw materials, consider blurring the lines between what belongs where. “Expect raw building materials that work both indoors and outdoors, like cement or plaster tables, brick indoors, steel windows and doors, and reclaimed beams for patina and warmth,” said Marker.

Try logging off of Pinterest and get out in the real world (gasp!) to search for textures and patterns you love. “Inspiration is everywhere, and the possibilities are endless for mixing looks, materials, old and new for a carefully curated, unique look,” said Marker.

2019 Finish Trend: Polished Chrome
Ladies and gentlemen, polish your chrome: it’s time for this metal to shine. “Polished chrome can be brought in as one piece of hardware, like a hand towel holder,” said Dierking, adding that you don’t need to swap out every faucet or dresser pull in the house since mixing different types of metals will be big again this year.

2019 Plant Trend: Solo Statement
While turning your space into a horticultural fever dream has been popular the last few years, Dierking said that the trend is dying out—because you can’t really add more plants to a rainforest.

But don’t worry, plants in general aren’t going anywhere! “They’re continuing to have a moment,” assured Dierking. “But this year, it’s more about plants as art themselves—what is the most interesting and unique and wildly different plant you can have?”

Dierking said over the past year, that ubiquitous fiddle-leaf fig everyone somehow owns has begun being swapped for the pretty pilea and calathea plants, and there will be more varieties that crop up as recurring trends. Consider your statement plant a main event in the way it hangs or by its placement in the room—just make sure it gets the proper light, because brown and crunchy leaves aren’t trendy (yet.)

Trends are not just meaningless blips in the long march of time—they’re a daily source of inspiration and reminder to cultivate a space that truly feels like your home. “The space around you can really change your mood and affect everything,” said Dierking. "It’s important to prioritize, and it’s not just a frivolous thing.”