Think Beyond The Living Room: How to Spread Holiday Cheer Throughout the Home

Our experts provide insight into tasteful ways to make unexpected places in the home feel festive without going overboard.

While we can appreciate his attention to detail and excitement about celebrating the holidays, no homeowner should take holiday decorating advice from Buddy the Elf. What may work in a department store display will likely not translate in the home. When decorating your entire home for the holidays, it’s all about balance. Don’t focus your efforts on just the living room, spread the cheer to other rooms in the house, while at the same time being careful not to go overboard.

When you add up what you spend on holiday gifts for friends and family, hosting family for holiday celebrations, buying outfits to attend said holiday celebrations, and gifts for hosts of other parties you attend, the holiday season is incredibly expensive.

The good news is, you don’t have to clear out your savings account to create a cozy, festive holiday decor scheme for your home. In fact, Bill Cielinski, co-owner of B&B Holiday Decorating, a professional holiday decorating service, suggests keeping holiday decor simple in rooms outside of the main living area, which is a great way to infuse some holiday gaiety into a home while staying on budget.

“Simple decorations can work wonders in smaller rooms,” he said. “A few candles and some evergreen branches, fake or real, will make any small room feel like the holidays.”

To stay on budget and avoid turning your home into a snowglobe, focus your holiday decor efforts on areas of the home that guests may see.

Hope Mazzola, a licensed associate real estate broker for William Raveis, suggests the bathroom as a spot to add some holiday touches.

“Bathrooms can use a dose of holiday towels, room scent and holiday soaps,” she said but encourages homeowners to keep it tasteful. Get inspired with this article from Town and Country magazine that provides a nice overview of holiday scents, designed to meet the tastes of just about anyone.

Mazzola suggests that homeowners steer clear of adding too much holiday cheer to the bedroom, noting that “bedrooms are so personal, the most I would recommend would be scent.” But, ignore the temptation to buy some of the trendier, louder scents that are becoming more popular, like Christmas cookie or candy cane or gingerbread. Mazzola recommends a fresh pine or winter scent.

If you’re looking to add more than just scent to your bedroom, this piece from Southern Living magazine offers a variety of holiday looks, ranging from subdued to be bold.

When armed with the right advice, decorating the entire home for the holidays doesn’t have to be a budget-draining chore; it can be a fun, inexpensive way for the family to come together to embrace the holiday season.