Easy Ways to DIY Up Your Home on a Budget

Cathy Schager of Catherine Schager Designs shares tips for staying on trend and on budget.

Looking to spice up your space without breaking the bank? ESTATENVY connected with Cathy Schager of Catherine Schager Designs, based in the North Shore Chicago, to discuss the current trends in the interior design industry and how those trends change the DIY trends throughout the industry.

 “We’re seeing a lot of big colors coming into play for this year's trends; specifically blues for fall. Any blues are what’s really trending -- UltraViolet is the Pantone Color of the Year so that along with light blues, navy, blue/whites together and denim blue are what you’re going to be seeing for the rest of this season,” shared Schager.
When Schager works with her clients who are specifically on a tight budget, they discuss the importance of the client’s wants vs. needs and decides to draw a line on how to splurge on certain design aspects and leave some other aspects for DIY work.

ESTATENVY put together a list of fun and easy ways to DIY up your home featuring the advice from Schager on designing the home in an awe-inspiring, yet efficient way to save money.

Take advantage of spray paint

Spray paint can come in cheap for bulk at various craft and home improvement stores. By spray painting a piece of furniture, a basket or a container, it can change up the entire color scheme of the room and overall appeal. By incorporating blues into your home, it will give your space a new feel and a different than normal tone for fall.

Shop for second-hand items (in-person or online)

The old saying says that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and that is no doubt a huge truth when it comes to buying used tools and decor online. Hit up easy thrift shops in your town or even Home Goods, TJ Maxx and Target as some stops to start off. There’s always something trendy lying around in those large department stores that will easily fit onto a coffee table or center of an island in the kitchen. Even utilizing online outlets such as Etsy will be an inexpensive way to

Enhance the walls

Don’t be afraid to give your walls a little love. Schager has seen some of her past clients take advantage of painting their own walls instead of hiring someone to do it. Makes for a fun (and definitely much cheaper!) day of decorating your home. It may even give you a sense of pride knowing that you completed a big accomplishment to redo your space on your own time. Even if you don’t wish to change the color of the walls, trying something as simple as purchasing wall decals to see how that brings out the theme of the space. Plus, they’ll be easy to take off without damaging the paint.

Get creative with basic things around the home

You won’t even need to spend a dime on this one. Try by going through the closets and cabinets at home or finally going through that junk drawer, you never know what you could find that you’ve forgotten about. From, rope, string, mason jars, flower pots or even empty wine bottles were just some of the many things Schager has had her clients use for easy DIY projects. Easy home items that are easily versatile are objects to keep to the side for when a unique idea comes to mind, whether it’s for a wall art/decor or a new centerpiece for the dining room table.

Employing these tips will help set a great organized mood for Fall now that the school season is back in session!