Outdoor Design Trends to Look for This Spring

Design experts weigh in with advice for giving one’s home a fresh and festive touch this season.

There’s nothing like the return of bright, sunny days to brighten one’s mood. As the days become longer and the weather warms up, many homeowners will be incorporating the spring aesthetic into their homes. The possibilities are not limited to interior design, however, as one can also refresh the exterior of their home.

ESTATENVY connected with design experts Kenneth Walter of Gray & Walter and Jean Alan of Alan Design Studio to get the scoop on what outdoor trends are perfect for adding a festive spring touch to your home this spring.

Bold Tones

Alan recommends taking on a bit of international flair when decorating one’s home for spring. Following a trip to Amsterdam, she was inspired by the vibrant tones used to paint doors across the nation. In order to get the best results for one’s own home, Alan recommends using the Fine Paints of Europe Dutch Door Paint.

She encourages homeowners to not be afraid of color, stating that one can “continue the color story by incorporating the same tone into outdoor seating, pillows, and even an umbrella” for a visual interest.

Refreshed Patio Furniture

Breathing fresh life into one’s outdoor living space doesn’t require a complete removal of what is already in place. Walter recommends taking a second look at existing patio furniture and freshening it up with a few new design elements.

“You can repaint the furniture or even perhaps add some new pillows. There are so many places where you can buy ready-to-go pillows in bright, happy colors perfect for spring,” he said.

Flowers Galore

There’s no denying the fact that spring flowers are a welcome sight after a long, bleak winter. They add color and life to an otherwise quiet landscape and serve as a reminder that the days of winter weather are behind us. This season, Alan predicts they will return in abundance on doorsteps of homes across the nation.

“It’s always exciting to see a container outside someone’s door in early spring when we’re all in the winter dumps, filled with pansies and other flowers that can handle the cold,” she said.

Walter agreed, encouraging people to stray away from herb gardens and insert a bit of vibrancy through more colorful planter options.

Creative Lighting Solutions

As the weather warms up, homeowners will be spending more and more time in their outdoor living spaces. In order to enhance the visual appeal of these spaces, Alan recommends mixing up one’s current lighting solutions for a little added flair.

Updating your home’s lighting can also be a positive decision economically. Alan explains, “by replacing your traditional lighting with an LED ready fixture, you can substantially reduce your electric bill.”

Not sure how to upgrade your lights? If you’re looking to create a cozy space, string lights or even lanterns can add a warm and inviting touch. These lights are available in a diverse range of styles, allowing a homeowner to truly customize his or her living space.

Expression of External Inspiration

Need some inspiration? A trip to a local botanical garden or gardening store may be the perfect source. For those in the Chicago area, he recommends Gethsemane Garden Center and A New Leaf.

“It’s inspiring to see the trees, pots, self-contained water features and garden statues. The statues can range from classics like angels to more silly options that you might not necessarily put in your own space, but will bring a smile to your face,” said Walter.

He encourages people to take the time to look around and see the inspiration in their surroundings. Outdoor design elements that one sees out-and-about may be exactly what is needed to create the outdoor living space of one’s dreams. It is also a way to stay in tune with new decor trends popping up in one’s neighborhood.

“I believe that what we see externally can be a wonderful source of inspiration. If we would be willing to take ourselves out of the technology where we are hiding, we would truly see all the inspiration that the world around us has to offer,” he said.