How Interior Design Can Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolutions

By creating a designated space in your home that’s designed to help you achieve your goals, your New Year’s Resolutions can last throughout all of 2018 and beyond.

The new year is just around the corner, which means that New Year’s Resolutions are at the top of everyone’s mind. With the beginning of every year, people across the globe commit to working out, eating healthy and getting their lives together, only for those goals to go out the window once February and March roll around. However, that tradition of failing your New Year’s Resolutions doesn’t have to stick. And the key to keeping your promises is a surprising one.

Interior design is one of the many tools at homeowners’ disposals that can help them uphold their New Year’s Resolutions through 2018 and beyond. Julia Buckingham, the interior design expert and author behind Buckingham Interiors + Design, says that having a designated space in your home that’s designed to help you achieve your goals can be a game changer. Plus, by working with a design expert who can equip that space with all the bells and whistles, homeowners can take one more step toward checking their resolution off their to-do list.

“Interior design can definitely help you stick with your New Year’s resolutions! When a client looks at what they want from their homes, we’re able to help them get there,” said Buckingham. “There’s a big trend right now for creating special spaces in homes, whether it’s a theater, workout room, arts and crafts room or wrapping station. People are finding creative ways to do things themselves instead of going out and fighting the crowds. That’s where interior design comes into play—with those rooms, you can make your home happier and healthier. The right design elements, like humidifiers, proper lighting and energy saving equipment, can make a big difference in the impact that those spaces have. You want to make sure you have all the bells and whistles at your disposal to realize your goals.”

Because interior designers are trained to know a home—and its owner—extremely well, they’re able to figure out the best way to set you up for success. Whether it’s making space for a treadmill without creating clutter or carving out an area in your home that’s meant for relaxation, designers have an eye for making that space flow with the rest of your home.

According to Leslie Newman Rhodes, the founder of Space Interior Design, it’s that level of expertise that enables designers to help homeowners realize their yearly goals. The connections that they bring to the table might not otherwise be available, giving homeowners a head start when it comes to making their vision a reality.

Newman Rhodes said, “Designers can save time, money and worry to help you focus on how to get from point A to point B because we know what is out there and we’re well connected with other industry people. We’re able to access people who most homeowners wouldn’t have the resources to reach, and sometimes that means getting deals for our clients. Moreover, if there’s a problem, we are your advocates.”