4 Overlooked Design Elements Worth Focusing On

Home design and decor expert Maggie Allan from Design by Maggie Allan shares unique focal points of the home to efficiently and creatively update your design layout

Homeowners have countless tasks to keep up with around the house, including general maintenance, cleaning, paying the bills on time and interior design and decor upkeep. While it’s a priority for your home to look fresh and updated, it’s almost impossible to find the time and money to undergo a complete renovation every few months as seasons and styles change. However, by focusing on areas of the home that are often overlooked from a design standpoint, you can easily and affordably add a spark of change to your interior aesthetic.

ESTATENVY sat down with Maggie Allan, owner of Design by Maggie Allan based in the west-Chicagoland suburbs, who shared advice on various areas of the home that are worth putting extra thought into to create a unique and tasteful design layout.

1. Kids’ Play Room

Your children’s play area seems to be a place that hoards junk, but according to Allan, tidying up a bit can turn this room from a toy-infested mess into a fun and creative area of your home. “Organization is the key to keeping your kids’ playroom looking tasteful,” she said. “Using baskets that adhere to the aesthetic of the furniture in your home can create cohesiveness in the room, and be sure to label everything to keep things clean.” Allan also suggests adding a craft table with a neat design or material that fits in with the rest of the room for a unique finishing touch.

2. Closet Spaces

While closets are usually cluttered with an abyss of clothing, accessories and shoes, these spaces can also be utilized as a focal point in the bedroom. “Think of your closet as its own separate room in the home instead of simply a spot to store items, specifically with a walk-in style,” said Allan. “Not everything needs to be tucked away, especially if you can use unique items in your closet to create an interesting display.” Shelving in a closet space can keep your belongings neatly together while showcasing interesting pieces from your wardrobe.

3. Lighting

“My number one suggestion in the lighting department is to have dimmer switches in every room,” said Allan. The ability to control the brightness in your home can adjust the atmosphere in any room without having to rearrange furniture or decor. According to Allan, vanity lighting is also often overlooked by homeowners but becomes crucial when getting ready for the day. “Always make sure your vanity lighting fixtures are above the mirror in your bathroom and that they face either directly upward or downward,” said Allan.

4. Decor

To add a quick pick-me-up to any room or centerpiece in the home, Allan says a new rug, pillow or drapery can do the trick. “By changing out your pillows, updating the wall color or even encasing a fireplace, you can easily freshen up areas of your home without having to entirely remodel,” she said.

In general, Allan suggests making sure all home renovations fit with the overall aesthetic of your design theme. “Simplicity can be key, but don’t be afraid to experiment with different designs and tones so long as they all stick to the general design scheme in your home.” By focusing on these interesting areas of the home suggested by Allan, you can easily update your home in a timely and tasteful manner.