Tricks for Updating Your Home’s Design Without Taking on a Complete Renovation

From swapping out and re-stuffing pillows to trying out a new temporary wallpaper design, these are the ways interior designers recommend you freshen up your home’s design.

There are two different routes that homeowners can take when they’re looking to update their space. The first is a traditional renovation, which involves a complete overhaul of a home and its structural design. The second, which involves making minor interior design changes without swapping everything, is much more budget friendly. That’s why homeowners often choose this path.

To learn how homeowners can make the most out of their updating projects without crossing into that renovation territory, ESTATENVY spoke with three interior design experts. One thing stood out in all of those conversations—sometimes, creating the biggest impact starts with a small change. For Leslie Newman Rhodes, the interior designer behind Chicago and New Orleans-based Space Interior Design, that means a fresh coat of paint and new pillows.

“Paint is the best way to freshen things up,” said Newman Rhodes. “Also, do not underestimate the value of fresh, new pillows. Room and Board is a pillow dream for freshening up your space and even allowing you to try on a different look. Make sure that your sofa looks fresh and that the back cushions are tight—they shouldn’t be slouching or cave in. Re-filling them will make the whole room look new. And don’t forget to throw away stuff that is just sitting everywhere on the surface. That makes a huge difference, too!”

Angela Scaletta, an interior designer with Dwell Candy, agrees. She recommends swapping out paint colors, rugs and pillows to drastically change the look of a room while putting in minimal effort—and money.

“Paint, rugs and décor updates like pillows can easily and completely change the look of a room,” said Scaletta.

Paint and pillows are far from the only tools that homeowners have at their disposal when looking to enhance their home’s design. Julia Buckingham, the interior design expert and author behind Buckingham Interiors + Design, notes that there’s a new type of wallpaper that enables people to change up their space without committing to a full installation. Those smaller changes can then be helpful if and when a more complete renovation takes place down the line.

“Colorful throws and pillows are the first things that come to mind when it comes to upgrading a space quickly. Pillows are also always wonderful when shaping up a space quickly without spending a lot,” said Buckingham. “However, I would say one of the biggest revelations in our industry has been the introduction of Tempaper. These temporary wallpapers are easy to remove and reuse—it’s quite brilliant. They allow you to get new wallpaper without fully committing to a complete installation. I love this idea of adding a fantastic new color or pattern in this DIY sort of fashion. It allows homeowners to try something out before making a large investment, and it makes it easy to switch things up.”