How Lighting Can Elevate a Space to Make it Look More Luxurious

Finding the right lighting fixtures for your home has the potential to make your space look not only bigger and brighter, but also more expensive.

Luxury living doesn’t have to be limited to those who are lucky enough to live in mansions. Whether you live in a studio apartment or a five-bedroom home, there are multiple ways to elevate your space and make it look more luxurious than it actually is in reality. And one of the most effective tools in achieving that goal is lighting.

The lighting—and light fixtures—that are visible in a home have the ability to add a new dimension to a space. Not only does lighting have the potential to make a space look bigger and brighter, but it can also enhance the overall feel of a specific room or entire home. And lighting doesn’t just add to a room because of its visible presence—the effects of luxurious lighting have the potential to extend far beyond sight.

“Lighting is a fabulous technique and element in any and every space. Luxurious lighting is about fixtures that fit the aesthetic and light that illuminates but also creates atmosphere,” said Rae Duncan of Rae Duncan Interior Design.

However, before that atmosphere can be created, homeowners need to begin by finding the right lighting fixture for their homes. One simple fix that can make your home more luxurious is to replace any old fixtures with new ones to establish a more modern vibe. But deciding on those modern fixtures can be a difficult task. That’s why interior designers often recommend beginning with a statement piece, like a chandelier, to set a luxurious tone and establish a base on which to build.

“Whenever you add a pendant light or chandelier to a room, it is an instant improvement to the space,” said Angela Scaletta, an interior designer with Dwell Candy. But she also notes that it isn’t just lighting fixtures like chandeliers that have the potential to make a space feel luxurious. The small details surrounding lighting fixtures also have the potential to take a room’s atmosphere to the next level. Scaletta said, “To add a formal detail, you can get very inexpensive ceiling medallions that, once installed, look like architectural details.”

Once the main lighting is installed and set up in a home, the owner—or renter—can get to work adding other fixtures to their space. To establish a more luxurious environment, the type of lighting used should be consistent from room to room, and all lamps and other fixtures or details should align with the design style and aesthetic established throughout the home.

To achieve that type of cohesive look, Duncan recommends working with the professionals. While individuals know their specific tastes, making their dreams come to life often takes a special touch and level of expertise, especially when it comes to lighting. That’s why there are many designers who focus on lighting alone—its impact on a house is so significant that it requires its own experts in the world of interior design. However, that doesn’t mean that homeowners have to relinquish their visions or remove themselves from the design process. By remembering one simple trick, they’ll be able to find the right lighting for their space and elevate the level of luxury in their home.

“Lighting is complex—some designers focus on lighting along because it is such an art,” Duncan said. “Try to pick fixtures that have more refined metals and avoid cheap looking glass—both are easy to spot and can destroy a beautiful scene.”