The Furniture Trends Taking Over in 2017 and Beyond

From artistic designs and loud color to brass accents and modern themes, these are the furniture trends dominating the interior design industry.

For a lot of homeowners, furniture trends can be hard to keep up with since most of the time it requires a big investment. Not to mention, the furniture that you end up choosing will most likely be with you for a long period of time. So, it’s important to choose wisely.

Trends typically aren’t meant to last. But thankfully, with furniture trends, the styles and designs that gain popularity tend to be more timeless. Designers will usually draw inspiration from classic pieces and then tweak them to refresh the look.

This year, we’ve seen a lot of unique furniture trends that experiment with color, texture and art. There’s been a noticeable shift from the DIY mentality of 2016—now, the trend is shifting more towards refined artisanal approaches. That’s why ESTATENVY caught up with furniture experts to highlight some of the biggest trends taking over in 2017 and beyond.

Furniture as Art

In 2017, nobody wants to be basic. That bland, espresso colored dresser you bought from a discount furniture store will no longer do. Today’s homeowner wants to decorate their space with pieces that are unique and exciting to look at.

“Today’s buyers are not your typical consumer,” said Johanna Parra, president of Roy’s Furniture in Chicago. “They are looking for something more unique.”

That means you’ll start to see more pieces emerge with greater detail, extra embellishes and different textures. Furniture is no longer solely about function—it’s meant to be artistic as well.


Acrylic furniture has been popping up everywhere recently. And if you haven’t noticed it, it could be hard to spot due to its minimal, clear design.

“I love acrylic furniture because it’s easy and it matches with everything,” added Parra. “It works really well for accent and dining chairs.”

This is the type of trend where less is more. You wouldn’t design an entire room with acrylic furniture, you would just pick a couple of accent pieces to add a fresh vibe to your existing rooms.

Furniture in Full Color

The 2017 Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery, so the design world has been seeing a wide variety of refreshing greens. From forest green couches to lime green accent chairs, this color trend is a refreshing new take on pieces that usually appear in more neutral tones.

“Color trends we've seen are jewel tones like ruby, emerald and topaz, but also pastels as a counter-trend,” said Nate Ross, communications director at Haute Living in Chicago. “These color trends could work for any type of statement piece, including daybeds and lounge chairs. Larger furniture like sofas and upholstered beds tend to be more neutral, on the other hand, as it's not as easy to reupholster when trends change.”


We live in a time where everything is very fast-paced and stressful, so it’s important to make your home your sanctuary. When picking out which pieces of furniture you want to retreat to at the end of the day, it’s important to embrace comfort.

“A trend I noticed at Milan's Salone del Mobile in April was lots of oversized cushions on lounge chairs and sofas,” added Ross. “I think in times of uncertainty, people are looking for even more comfort in their furniture.”

Brass Accents

Rose gold is on its way out and brass is here to stay. Brass accents are popping up everywhere, from table and chair legs to lamps and pendants.

“Bathrooms and kitchens were once only polished chrome or satin nickel,” Marilyn Rooney of Rooney Home Designs explained. “Now there are lots of brass and gold finishes that add a fresh and new look to those rooms.”

Brass is also the perfect finishing touch to add some warmth to any room. “Especially with fall and the holidays coming up, brass and gold will be everywhere,” added Rooney.

Modern, Clean Lines

Modern style furniture will be a dominant trend well beyond 2017. That means that the classic, espresso brown furniture will no longer cut it in the world of design. “We saw this huge change in staging and design when everyone looked at classic furniture and realized that they wanted a fresh, new look,” said Rooney.

That new look is more simple, refined and clean. “When Restoration Hardware made a bold move to introduce RH Modern, they made a statement that modern furniture was a clear trend to stay in the furniture industry,” said Rooney.