25 Homes You Wish You Bought: 50 Cent’s $2.9m Connecticut Manor

Because why wouldn’t you want a house with a nightclub inside it?

Celebrity: 50 Cent / Curtis James Jackson III

Price Listed For: $18.5 million in 2007, then dropped to $4.995 million

Price Sold For: $2.9 million

Link to Listing: https://jenniferleahy.elliman.com/connecticut/50-poplar-hill-drive-farmington-xochotd

Why we wish we bought this house:

After nearly 12 years on the market, the king of P.I.M.P’s, rapper and entrepreneur’s house officially sold for $2.9 million, an almost 84% price cut from when it was originally listed back in 2007. Located 80 miles north of Greenwich, 50 Cent’s Farmington, Connecticut mansion features a grand total of 52 rooms including 21 bedrooms, 25 bathrooms and few amenities only 50 himself would have.

So what kind of amenities are we talking about here?
Aside from the 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms, this approximately 52,000 square-foot home boasts an elegant entryway complete with a grand staircase and elevator. The home also features an indoor pool and hot tub, an indoor racquetball court, multiple game rooms, a green-screen room, a full gym and home theater.
Set on 17 acres of land, the luxurious grounds also feature a pool, grotto, pond, basketball court and multiple guest houses arranged along a beautifully-designed garden pathway.
And here’s the icing on the cake: 50 Cent’s ex-crib also features a conference room, a recording studio and a nightclub. Yes, you read that right… a nightclub! Because would 50 Cent really be 50 Cent without those three amenities just a stone’s throw away?
Who wouldn’t want to live in a mansion as P.I.M.P.’in as this one? And that’s why this house is one of ESTATENVY’s Top 25 homes you wish you bought.