New Year, New You: Steve Kadlec of Kadlec Architecture and Design Predicts Bold Colors and Patterns for 2020

ESTATENVY spoke with architect Steve Kadlec on what trends dominated 2019, what his personal design philosophy is and what is in store for the future.

Chicago-based firm Kadlec Architecture and Design is led by Steve Kadlec, an architect with over 25 years of residential and commercial interior design and architecture experience under his belt. As an experienced player in the ever-evolving landscape of Chicago design, Kadlec’s work stays fresh, contemporary and conceptual. Kadlec shared his insights on aesthetic philosophy with ESTATENVY and reflected on the top trends of 2019 and what is in store for the future of design.

Let’s start with the basics—do designers mean by an “aesthetic” anyway? “Aesthetic is a fancy term for style, but with an understanding of a consistent philosophy of design and appearance,” said Kadley. “Aesthetic is personal and thoughtful. It can be quiet and harmonious or loud and jarring. Good design allows us to appreciate the intent and feel accordingly.”
While Kadlec’s designs, such as this contemporary family home, often embody a playful, stylish look, he doesn’t necessarily consider himself a trendsetter, but rather someone who makes informed design choices that reference his predecessors. “I am more flexible and forgiving when it comes to my own home’s style,” said Kadlec. “I view my style as a continuation of my collective contemporary past with a nod to my love of history and current influences.”
If you’re trying to refresh your space for the new year, Kadlec suggests maintaining one aesthetic throughout the space, but making every room a space of its own. “A home should feel consistent and connected throughout, but individual rooms can feel unique and have their own personality,” said Kadlec. This is beautifully demonstrated in this Lincoln Park home by Kadlec Design. When designing for a family of five, considering each individual’s needs as well as the necessary functions of shared spaces is crucial. Traditional meets contemporary in this home in a way that flows seamlessly from room to room, whether it’s a child’s playroom or a chic dining room for entertaining.
In 2019, Kadlec noticed several trends dominating the design world. “Eclectic, intense color and modern farmhouse designs have dominated publications and social media again this year,” said Kadlec. “Bold color and pattern will continue to be popular, but so will monochromatic and textural interiors where materiality contrasts with simple details.”
As far as contemporaries that Kadlec looks towards for inspiration, he cites Egg Collective, KGBL, and Roll and Hill. “[They] are brands that continue to create new work that is new and unique while staying consistent with their respective design aesthetics,” said Kadler.
Going into the new year, anyone interested in updating their style could certainly look to Kadlec’s designs for inspiration. The marriage of traditional themes and contemporary style, form and functionality, clean lines and playful textures and patterns makes for a home that is as comfortable and cozy as it is aesthetically pleasing.