New Year, New You: Scott Dresner from Dresner Design on How To Achieve a Fresh Look for 2020

Cohesive, clean design is the key to Dresner’s work.

Are you looking to refresh your style for 2020? Look no further than Dresner Design for inspiration—a design company based in Chicago that works with kitchen design, cabinetry solutions and custom renovations. The firm boasts an impressive roster of designs, primarily in Chicago’s affluent Gold Coast neighborhood. Designer Scott Dresner took some time to speak with ESTATENVY on his work, his aesthetic philosophy and what design exciting new trends to look out for in the coming year.

“The term ‘aesthetic’ applies to one who organizes beauty, creates beauty, appreciates beauty, and orchestrates beauty for other people,” said Dresner. “They allow beauty to run their lives so that everything looks perfect and correct.” This philosophy is emblematic of Dresner’s designs, which boast a striking, clean and highly functional style. Browse through any of the many examples in Dresner Design’s portfolio and you will notice similar themes throughout. At the same time, each design has been perfectly tailored to suit its space.
“I don’t pay attention to design styles,” said Dresner, who considers himself a trendsetter in his own right. “I design crisp, clean spaces that don’t have to be modern or traditional. They are just not overdone.
Dresner works primarily in designing kitchens, which for many people is the heart of the home. In his Gold Coast Townhome, sleek silver appliances are juxtaposed against a marble backsplash. The ribbons of grey throughout the white stone tie together the stainless steel utilities with the crisp white countertops. Small accents of color are placed throughout, with wooden bar stools lined up against the kitchen island for a warm detail.
When it comes to plotting out your entire space, Dresner advises to stick to one aesthetic for cohesion. “You can change gears, but you should have a similar common theme,” said Dresner, whose designs embody this approach perfectly.
Dresner’s designs, in addition to being sleek and cohesive, lend themselves to the functionality of a space overall. Simply put, Dresner is moved by great design because of the way it shapes every aspect of your life, right down to your mood. “If you have the desire for an aesthetically pleasing experience, your mood is better,” said Dresner. “Everything is in place the way you expect it.”
For the coming year, Dresner has one prediction which he garnered from trends happening abroad, particularly in Europe. “The use of dark colors, such as blacks and dark brown, is very popular in Europe. This is going to hit us now,” said Dresner. “Two years ago, we saw black glass kitchens at the Eurocucina show in Milan.”
When looking for inspiration for himself, Dresner looks to other influential designers whom he admires. “I never tire of Philippe Starck—I’ve followed him for a lot of years,” said Dresen. “He’s playful and sexy, and understands how to be modern using perfect proportions and forms.”
Photo Credit: Jim Tschetter