Year in Review: The Top 3 Interior Design Styles That Defined 2019

If there’s one word to describe the home in 2019, it’s ‘cozy.’

The 2017 home most likely featured a marble kitchen countertop or the 2017 PANTONE Color of the Year, “Greenery.” In 2018, one might have found repeating geometric patterns on a throw pillow or a monochrome dining room. As 2020 quickly approaches, ESTATENVY wanted to take a moment to look back at the 2019 interior design aesthetics that have taken the world by storm.

This year, the interior design world has seen it all—terrazzo splattered floors, crisp white kitchens and boujee velvet couches. Thanks to social media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest, it’s never been easier to find inspiration when it comes to decorating ideas for the home. If you follow hundreds of home decor and design accounts (like this writer), you may have noticed a few recurring styles—modern farmhouse, minimalism and bohemian.
While these three iconic aesthetics scream “cozy,” each is quite different from the other. If you’re looking to cover your home in all the warm and inviting feels for the New Year, one of these styles may just be the perfect fit for you.
Modern Farmhouse
Instagram influencers Andrea Vowels, Liz Marie Galvan and Denise O’Donnell all have one thing in common: Their homes encompass a rustic warm feeling that is referred to as “modern farmhouse.” This recipe for a modern farmhouse home is a little bit of country mixed with industrial, a sprinkle of white walls, a dash of shiplap wood and a whole lot of vintage accessories.
According to Interior Designer Chad Esslinger, the modern farmhouse style was one of this year’s most popular interior design styles. He even predicts many of the design elements found in this contemporary country aesthetic will carry over to 2020.
“I think there will be lots of natural textures and materials like wood finishes, colors that occur in nature and warm metal tones in 2020,” said Esslinger.
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Calling all organizational junkies and neat freaks! The popular saying, “less is more” best defines the minimalist style. You can achieve this aesthetic with a clean color palette consisting of whites, greys and beige as well as keeping decor simple. Ridding of any clutter and choosing functional furniture pieces are key in achieving this aesthetic.
You’re not going to find a bright-colored coffee table layered with fashion magazines and trinkets galore in a minimalist household. In a living room, you might find a recycled steel coffee table with a vase of fresh whtie flowers—no more, no less.
Esslinger would describe his interior design style as part-minimalist. He loves “clean lines and minimal decoration,” but likes to add a touch of “warm and inviting finishes and textures” into his and his clients’ spaces.
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This bright and lively aesthetic is for the artistic and relaxed. Most bohemian interiors begin with a simple base. The warm earthy tones are added through bold furniture pieces, such as this muted orange couch, and boatloads of botanicals and fresh greenery. Unlike minimalism, the bohemian style features playful patterns and luxurious colors like burgundy, emerald green, deep purple and navy blue. Oh, and lots and lots of copper and gold!
Furnishings should have a vintage or “past-life” vibe to them. Making a trip to your local antique or thrift store could potentially be a gold mine if you’re looking to transform your bedroom into an artistic oasis.
Out of the three styles, this is the one you can get most creative with. For accessories, go big or go home. When it comes to colors, go more vibrant. There are simply no rules.
Based on what we’ve seen in 2019, 2020 has never looked better for the home. Who knows? Maybe there will the maximalist or Victorian styles will make a comeback.