Light Up the Night to Transform Your Home This Holiday Season

Brandon Stephens, President of The Decor Group, Inc., spoke with ESTATENVY on how to make your home look like a real-life, sparkling gingerbread house with these expert outdoor lighting tips.

This year, roll out the red carpet for Santa and his eight tiny reindeer by making your home into a beacon of all things Christmas. Whether you’re a hardcore holiday decorator, or simply love going for a drive around the neighborhood to see folks’ signature styles, everyone loves the Most Wonderful Time of the Year ,when regular houses become adorned with twinkling lights and festive adornments. The Decor Group is a professional outdoor decoration service that offers holiday decorating for both residential and commercial properties, outdoor lighting systems and wholesale holiday decor.

Aside from lighting design, The Decor Group also provides unique "impact" pieces, such as large snowflakes, different styles of deer, large trees—the kinds of products that stop traffic. Brandon Stephens, president of The Decor Group and expert of all things outdoor lighting offered his insights on how to make your home the belle of the block. The services offered by Stephens’ business include complete display design, installation, maintenance and removal.
“​Most of our displays feature a clean, classic look with primarily warm white lights,” said Stephens—but that doesn’t mean most clients don’t put their own personal twist on an outdoor lighting scheme. “To stand out, many of our clients pick a unique color palette for their roof and stake lighting. They may stay with primarily warm white, but they will have every third bulb red—something that looks unique.” Don’t be afraid to even go with a nontraditional palette for the holidays. Red and green aren’t your only options.
When it comes to lighting, Stephens has one hard and fast rule—that using LED bulbs is an absolute must. “The colors are so vibrant, they are extremely energy-efficient and they last for years,” said Stephens. “Our C bulbs feature a high-impact acrylic shell that maintains its clarity, and the bulbs look great for a longer period of time than many others. We also use a lot of mini-lights—there are several styles, but we primarily use the five millimeter bulbs. Again, they last long, they don't break easily and the brightness is distinguished.”
Outdoor lighting, after all, does need to be able to withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions. For this reason, Stephens recommends investing in a truly quality product that you can use year after year. Just make sure to take care of them, and store carefully to prevent detangling-induced headaches.
For anyone looking for a more understated, traditional look, Shepherd says that many clients incorporate elements like wreaths or garlands. “We are seeing a lot of clients add specialty decor—toy soldiers, nutcrackers, even animal figurines near the door or out in the yard,” said Stephens.
Whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring a team of professionals, remember that the holidays are all about one thing—having the coolest house on your street (or togetherness and cheer, but having a house that looks like a winter wonderland isn’t bad either). Christmas comes but once a year, so why not do it big?